Deluxe and Jacuzzi Rooms

Jacuzzi Room


Deluxe Room


Why Apple Inn Dallas ?

Apple Inn Dallas offer more than the typical affordable motel: you get more for your money with our “Value Qs.” From premium bedding and a refreshing shower to free Wi-fi for 24 * 7  and friendly service, it all adds up to real value for you.

Affordable, enjoyable and great for business travel, a weekend getaway, or a vacation—that’s the Apple Inn. The best Jacuzzi and Deluxe rates and the best amenities, too, so you can focus on the people quality time and memories that really matter.

So, If you are come to Apple Inn Dallas and get your money’s worth at our motel.


The best one is the heart shape Jacuzzi with great amenities so you can spend quality time and memories that really matters

  • Coffee maker
  • Cable/satellite TV channels
  • Oversized work desk
  • 40 inch HDTV
  • Free Parking
  • 24-hour Concierge service
Daniel's Avatar

“Outstanding Date Night” - Daniel From Texas, US says : The hotel is in a secluded place and looks a little outdated from the exterior.I am from Dallas area but I am surprised to find a hotel this nice in an area that doesnt look the best.Me and my wife had been to so many different kind of motels and hotels on weekend getaway.Everything worked in the room. No complaints.Have stayed in some bad places much more expensive than this.They say its new management and they are working hard to keep it quiet and clean you can see that no one roaming around or outside like you find at other places.No one bothered us and it was quiet.

Samantha's Avatar

“Good,Clean rooms for small amount of price” - Samantha W From Dallas, TX Says Downtown is costly so we stopped by this hotel on our way to home. It looked shabby when first arriving however the staff were courteous and friendly. As soon as we got inside the room it looked really good and clean room which we had not expected.They have free WIFI. We had gone out for dinner ihop and walmart are like on next block. It was really nice experience and had a wonderful and quiet stay. Will stay next time here and will try jacuzzi room.